China Cosmetic Safety Assessment Report


According to the Technical Guidelines for Safety Assessment of Cosmetics 2021, cosmetics registrant and filer should conduct safety assessment by themselves or by entrusting professional institutions. Since 2022, the product safety assessment report must be submitted for the cosmetics registration and filing. 

Our Services

CAFEB is armed with an experienced team of certified toxicologists able to provide professional services of safety assessment for both cosmetics and new cosmetic ingredients.

  • Safety assessment of cosmetics

  • Safety assessment of new cosmetic ingredients


Qualification of our Safety Assessors: 

  1. Professional knowledge of cosmetics quality and safety such as medicine, pharmacy, biology, chemistry, or toxicology. Understand the production process and the requirements of quality and safety control for cosmetics or cosmetic ingredients with more than 5 years of relevant professional experience;

  2. Ability to review and analyze relevant literature information of chemistry and toxicology. Can also analyze, evaluate and interpret relevant data;

  3. Ability to analyze the safety of cosmetic products fairly and objectively and carry out safety assessments based on a comprehensive analysis of all available data and exposure conditions. The assessor must be in charge of the scientific, accuracy, authenticity and reliability of the assessment reports;

  4. Learning and keeping updated about safety assessment by receiving regular and appropriate professional training so as to understand and master new safety assessment theories, techniques and methods and use them in practice.