China Imported Cosmetics Safety and Efficacy Test



According to the Supervision and Administration Regulations (CSAR), the efficacy claims of the imported cosmetics should have sufficient scientific support. Cosmetics registrant and filer should publish a summary of the literature, research data or product efficacy evaluation information on the efficacy claims to the NMPA designated website for public supervision.


Cosmetic registrant and filer should be responsible for the scientific accuracy, authenticity, reliability and traceability of the submitted litterature submitted to support the product's efficacy claims. 

Efficacy Evaluation Requirements of Cosmetics



Transitional Solutions

Cosmetics efficacy claims should be evaluated in terms of the Specification for the Evaluation   of Cosmetic Efficacy Claims and a summary of the basis for product efficacy claims must be uploaded to the NMPA designated website

New cosmetics

registration and filing

Cosmetics that have been
approved or filed before
May 1, 2021

Cosmetics that have been
approved or filed between
May 1, 2021 and Dec 31,

Since 2022

Before May 1, 2023

Before May 1, 2022

Our Services:

As part of the services provided for registering and filing imported cosmetics, CAFEB will identify, recommand and organize the required efficacy tests for cosmetics evaluation. 

We shall also prepare or review the full related dossier supporting the efficacy evaluation of the product.